Working in the dynamic landscape of online marketing brings a lot of new exciting developments.


Being able to track interactions of customers.


Increased personalisation giving more valuable context related content.


Predictive analytics via artificial intelligence.


Continuous developments are on the horizon and it is still not over.


But while all these developments happen we must not stop losing focus on what is most important.


That is… the customer.




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Through analytics and predictions we are able to understand our customers more and more.


So we are able to provide and align our content, products and services as best as possible to their wants and needs.


But somehow in my process in understanding and working with customers I did not find something more practical to work with.



Surely there are existing consumer marketing models explaining customer factors that motives and influences him or her in the decision making



And in understanding these processes we can align our offerings on the path that is called customer journey.




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But a lot of factors are coming into play. Maybe too much factors that instead of helping us find answers it delutes our focus.


Those that really matters.


And I started to reflect on my own situation. How do I behave and decide as a customer?



Coupled with my background in practical psychology I realised that we are always making decisions.


During our daily lives we are making many decisions.


From the time we wake up, deciding what to wear, what to eat, doing the things we have to do at work or in our life up to the moment when we are going to bed.








And in that we have constraints to work with.


So why not figure out what these constraints are which most of us encounter when making decisions in purchasing?



It led me automatically to the first constraint which is: …time


As of now we still have a limited lifespan here on earth. And during that period we try to make the best of it.


Everyone is subjected to this.



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Whether you are rich or poor. Male or female. Black or white.


A day has 24 hours, an hour has 60 minutes, and a minute has 60 seconds.


When time is gone its gone. We cannot get it back besides the memories we have.



This constraint influences what we do. It determines what we strive for.


For instance, we are told to do what we love to do. Or pursue your passion.


Because if you have time why not spend it on what you love to do.


Spend the time you have wisely.








And thus time becomes a constraint.



So when focusing on your customer ask yourself:


When using our products or services, where does that person spends time on?


Is the time spent then wanted or unwanted?


Is there a specific time frame where things needs to be achieved or experienced?


What does that person really value in regards to their time?


How does your product help in that way? Time-wise?


Do they want their time spent shortened or prolonged?


And if so, what can you or your products and services do to achieve that?


These questions are a starting point to get you started.


There are more constraints and one can go very deeply in regards to the constraint of time.


How are you going to spend your time?


By using a structured plan of action SEO Sight is able to develop and optimize marketing and websites of companies. 


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