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Seosight website theme template

Looking for the Seosight WordPress theme here? Even though we share the same name we don’t host, sell or are in any way affiliated with the product.


But if you are still interested read the post below to see how you can acquire it.



What is Seosight theme?


You’ve heard about the theme and you want to get it. But how do you konw if it really suits your needs?


Before installing the theme watch the video below to see if it is what you are looking for.

How to start?

Seosight theme installation


After installing WordPress how do you go about installing the seosight wordpress theme? Watch the video below to learn more.

How to change the top?

Customize the seosight top bar


After installing WordPress how do you go about installing the seosight wordpress theme? Watch the video below to learn more.

How to change the footer?

Customize the seosight theme footer


After installing WordPress how do you go about installing the seosight wordpress theme? Watch the video below to learn more.

Have a pre-installed build?

Activate and install content demo 

So you have installed the seosight theme. To reduce the time to have a fully working website and use the pre-build website learn how to activate the plugins and content demo that is shipped with it.


Watch the video below to learn more.

Get clients to contact you?

Seosight contact form builder


If you want clients to be able to send you messages you need to have a contact form.


Watch the video below to learn more and build contact forms with the contact form builder..

Support the developer?

Seosight theme nulled


Nulled themes are wordpress themes that have been acquired through illegal means or not straight from the developer.


Installing nulled themes is generaly seen as a very unsafe practice. From a security point of view it is very difficult to determine if the source code has been tampered. A wordpress theme consists of among others many PHP files. These files contain code that are execusted on your webhosting provider.


If any malicious code is added this can create very unsafe situations. For instance, all data can be sent to a third party so they can watch what is happening to your website. 

They can also use your website or hosting space to store dangerous content or send out spam mails. This can hurt your brand name and reputation immensly to the point that it is unrecoverable. The worst is that Google will put your domain name into a blackbox.


Another critical point is that from a customers perspective. If they share personal details with you and malicious code captures and shares the information out in the open that can lead to litigations towards you and your business. 


A third point of concern is that your website will not have the latest updates. Even themes get updated now and then to improve or have added functionality but also to correct mistakes in the PHP code. If you have a nulled theme you will not have the means to acquire new updates or contact the theme developer when you run into issues with your website.


To summarize, it is best to avoid using nulled themes and acquire the original theme from the theme developer. That way you support the developer in continuing the development of the theme to make it better when time passes by. Think of new features and improved website experience.





SEO Sight Marketing Strategie Bedenken

Who are we?

SEO Sight

Like the theme we share the same name and are also in the same industry. We are a digital online marketing agency providing services to help our clients to increase their web traffic, get more clients leading up to more sales. From our office in  Amersfoort we help out SMB’s and other agencies that want to outsource their digital online marketing services.


We have an international network of professionals each being an expert in their own field. Together we learn and craft our skill what will help our clients to provide the best service to their own target market.


Unlike many agencies we strive for quality and not quantity. As a business owner you carefully select your business partners. Those that share the same values and business goals. We strive for results that have an impact for your business. So that in the long term both parties can be both satisfied with the achievements made in the future.


Mensen aan tafel

Your needs

We like to help you with:


  • As a business you have grown and you are looking for extra help to support you in the digital online marketing department.
  • SMB’s that need extra temporary support with their daily marketing and sales operations or during on-going campaigns.
  • Experts that can help your business initiate growth through lead generation and new clients.
  • Consultative advice by seasoned experts such as seconds opinion on online marketing topics.


What now

Grow together??


  • Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy online marketing business partner?
  • You understand the importance of online marketing and you want to achieve success with your business now?
  • You see new opportunities in your market and want to take full advantage of it quickly?
  • As entrepreneur you want to spend your time as effective as possible and want to surround yourself with expert professionals that can help you reach your business goals?


Reach out to SEO Sight. We are ready to support you in your quest reaching for your target business goals. So you can lead your business with trust and confidence.

SEO Sight Kaart

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SEO Sight Online Marketing Bureau

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3812 NR  Amersfoort

Mobiel: 06-21812541